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kids outside a school in Ghana

Community Sponsors

Thank you For your Support

Thank you for supporting children and some of the most uniquely challenged communities around the world. Together, we are improving access to quality education, clean water, health care, and child protection to ensure that children and families living in these communities can thrive.

Sustainable, community-led change is at the heart of everything we do. While we invest in local infrastructure – like schools, clinics, roads and wells – above all we invest in people, ensuring that they have the capacity to lead their own development, today and for generations to come.

Community Sponsorship supports:

Kita, Mali Volta, Ghana Nga, Laos Hatibandha, Bangladesh
Communities map
Two children smiling with school books

Visit Hatibandha

This transformative project focuses on a journey of hope, from poverty to development, through the eyes of girls and their families whose lives are being changed for the better because of you. Together we are working to provide education, maternal and child health and gender equality to this remote community.

Visit Hatibandha

Four children

Visit Nga

Your ongoing commitment is changing lives of children and families of Nga as they gain the tools and knowledge they need to carve out a future of hope and possibility. A promising journey lies ahead for the people of Nga, and, with your support, they are receiving quality education and literacy, access to health and water and gender equality.

Visit Nga

Boy smiling on a bicycle

Visit Volta

Together we are changing lives in the West African country of Ghana. Volta is a nation rich in history, culture and natural resources. But despite that, more than 50% of Ghana’s citizens live in poverty. But thanks to you we are changing lives for the children of Volta by improving health care and education opportunities, boosting livelihoods and bringing awareness on the importance of gender equality.

Visit Volta

Mother with two children

Visit Kita

With your help, the people of Kita are gaining life-changing opportunities in one of the most undeveloped communities in West Africa. Children are benefitting from new school builds and educational enhancements, nutritional programs and clean water sources. Pregnant women and new mothers are gaining vital medical information and services, and taking part in loans and savings programs to gain more income and independence. Meanwhile, local men are becoming engaged in – and supportive of – rights-based issues like equal access to care. Collectively, this program is helping the families of Kita improve their own lives.

Visit Kita


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Kita embarks on a new era of change

Watch a special video of thanks from the children of Kita

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Woman washing her hands with clean water

Volta’s communities made stronger

Read how Community Sponsorship pre-COVID-19 has helped the people of Volta during the pandemic.

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Girl smiling

Life above the floods

Climate challenges are directly affecting the communities of Hatibandha, but with your help, we can move families out of the path of the floods.

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ms. sa

The women of Nga

Meet three inspirational women who – with the help of sponsors – are working hard to support the growth of their communities in Nga, Laos.

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With the ongoing and stable investment your sponsorship provides, Plan International Canada is working with local children, families, leaders and civic groups to put the basic building blocks of development in place so that community members can break the cycle of poverty for themselves and forge their own, more promising, futures.

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