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Community Sponsors

kids outside a school in Ghana kids outside a school in Ghana

Thank you For your Support

Read on to explore the communities Plan International is already collaborating with, thanks to your generosity.


Hatibandh Bangladesh
Hatibandha, Bangladesh

Visit Hatibandha

Kita Mali
Kita, Mali

Visit Kita

Nga Laos
Nga, Laos

Visit Nga

Volta Ghana
Volta, Ghana

Visit Volta

Thank you for your past support

Read on to see what Plan International has accomplished in these communities


Baroueli Mali
Baroueli, Mali

Visit Baroueli

Hoang Su Phi Vietnam
Hoang Su Phi, Vietnam

Visit Hoang Su Phi

Jimma Ethiopia
Jimma, Ethiopia

Visit Jimma

Community Sponsorship FAQ's

  • How is sponsoring a community different from sponsoring a child?
  • Will I be receiving a picture of one child?
  • Does my sponsorship benefit all the children in the community, or only some?
  • If I sponsor a community, how long a commitment am I expected to make?
  • What kind of correspondence will I be getting from the community?
  • Why do you need my email address?
  • Can I visit the community?