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kids outside a school in Ghana

Community Sponsors


You have helped make the incredible possible for communities around the world. With your partnership, families from uniquely challenged communities, across continents, have now successfully completed the Community Sponsorship program – helping empower children today, and for years to come.


Here are just some of the ways you’ve helped uplift these communities.

Hatibandha, Bangladesh

2,500+ people

Participated in community activities to spread awareness about maternal, newborn and child health.

200 children

Participated in disaster risk reduction initiatives.


“By convincing my parents, I was able to stop my own marriage – it was only possible due to knowledge from this project. In my lifetime, I have never seen such an NGO working in this remote area. I will continue to provide counselling efforts for the other girls to stop child marriage.”

15, a child marriage survivor and girls’ rights advocate who can now lead a future of her choosing thanks to your Community Sponsorship

*Names have been changed to protect receipents

Volta, Ghana

3 new schools

Reached nearly 300 students with priority infrastructure, like on-site clean water and gender-friendly latrines.

all community members

Were educated on the importance of birth registration and birth certificates for children and children’s rights.


“Now we drink clean water from the taps and no longer suffer from water borne diseases such as bilharzia. We easily fetch water from the tap to bathe and for other chores and our children no longer have to walk to the riverside to fetch water, where they risk drowning. THANK YOU Plan International Canada.”

a mother whose life has changed thanks to clean water access, made possible with help from community sponsors like you.

*Names have been changed to protect receipents

Nga, Laos

2,500 villages

Benefited from new clean, accessible water, hygiene and sanitation facilities.

434 girls

Received menstrual health management kits through 4 secondary schools.


“It is a wonderful gift from Plan International Canada, otherwise I would end up working at the rice field. The scholarship is meaningful to my life! It is spent carefully to buy necessary stuff for me and my sisters, for example, notebooks, pencils, pens, new schoolbags and shoes.”

a 13-year-old student who can now access her right to education

*Names have been changed to protect receipents

Kita, mali

28 new hand washing stations

Were added to health and early childhood centres across the community to boost hygiene

Over 350 women

Have received diverse skills training on areas ranging from cooking, to health work to soapmaking


“Thanks to the awareness activities, all women go to health centres for consultations. Today, no birth is done at home.”

local father

*Names have been changed to protect receipents

As we come to the end of this life-changing journey, through the successful completion of these sustainable projects, the impact created will be carried on, and felt, for generations. Thank you!