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Map of China Map of China

China flagCountry Profile

Capital: Beijing

Language: Standard Mandarin

Population: 1 billion

Plan International has been working in China since 1995, helping children access their rights to health, education, livelihood and protection. Our priorities include increasing awareness of the significance of birth registration and providing learning opportunities for disadvantaged migrant children.

Currently, we’re establishing a Child Support and Protection Legal Network, to provide legal support and protection for young people, especially disadvantaged girls. The nation-wide network will cover children across 25 Chinese provinces.

A group of young girls raise their hands
A smiling boy drawing at a desk
Four young girls smiling together

Plan International's core areas of activity include:

Economic security
Economic security
Child protection
Child protection

3 reasons why your support is so important in China

  • High prevalence of sexual, physical and emotional abuse towards children
  • Limited learning opportunities for very young children, especially in rural areas
  • Children's rights are often not respected, and many children with disabilities are ignored by society.

How your support is helping China:

  • Helping all children, including those marginalized, realize their right to survival, health care and development.
  • Preparing children and young people for disasters and ensuring they remain protected when an emergency strikes.
  • Working with schools and communities to ensure that effective disaster preparedness measures are in place.
  • Protecting children from all forms of violence by creating protective environments for vulnerable children.

Country Comparison

People living in poverty 5% 9%
Mortality of children under 5 13 deaths /1000 births 5 deaths /1000 births
Life expectancy 75 years 81 years

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