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Cheryl Hickey

Host, ET Canada

Cheryl Hickey


Host of Entertainment Tonight Canada (ET Canada), Cheryl Hickey has been a dedicated Plan International Canada Celebrated Ambassador for years.

From showcasing baby chicks for the Gifts of Hope campaign, sharing messages on her social media and mentoring young women through activities such as International Day of the Girl, Cheryl has devoted her time and talent to help grow Plan International Canada’s impact and mission.

It’s an honour to be a Celebrated Ambassador for Plan International Canada. There are so many girls around the world who have to fight just to go to school, let alone to have their voices heard. As a woman and a mother, I am so grateful to work with Plan International Canada and be a part of the movement, so that girls everywhere have a fair and equal chance to achieve their dreams.

Originally from Shallow Lake, Ontario, Cheryl is no stranger to the gender stereotypes and barriers that can hold girls back – nor to breaking them down. A graduate of Broadcast Journalism at Fanshawe College, Cheryl worked in radio before starting her television career as a cameraperson. As a young woman in a male-dominated industry, it was an uphill battle at times to be taken seriously. But with relentless hard work, among many accolades, Cheryl became the first woman in Canada to shoot ENG camera from a helicopter while switching and reporting.

Since Cheryl joined ET Canada in 2005, she has become one of Canada’s most trusted entertainment news reporters, interviewing some of Hollywood’s most prominent and powerful celebrities such as Oprah and Taylor Swift, and covering historic events like the Royal Wedding. Nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, Cheryl is also the Gold recipient of Toronto Sun 2018 Readers’ Choice Award for Best TV Reporter and received Fanshawe College’s 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award in Creative Arts and Design.

A journalist, advocate, wife and working mom, in 2017 Cheryl added entrepreneur to her list of roles, with the launch of her lifestyle brand Cheryl Hickey Family.