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Alyssa Reid

Alyssa Reid

In many ways Alyssa Reid is like any red blooded 20-year-old Canadian teenager. She recently graduated from her Brampton Ontario high school where she was a dedicated player on the girl's rugby team (much to her music label's chagrin) and until recently she poured coffee part time at a local Tim Hortons to scrape together enough cash to buy her first car. The Edmonton Alberta native's life however has been anything but conventional. With her family frequently picking up and moving around Alberta and ultimately migrating to Ontario, Alyssa has found herself having to repeatedly adapt to her new surroundings. Being frequently uprooted and forced to regularly make new friends, adapt to new schools and adjust to new teachers, finding a sense of stability was difficult for Alyssa growing up. Through it all, her music has been a constant source that she could rely on to see her through the rough patches.

The thing that sets Alyssa Reid apart is her relentless pursuit of her muse. "Music is my entire world" she admits, it's all I've ever wanted to do with my life". From as far back as her memory serves, Alyssa has been writing and singing, she wrote her first song at the age of 7 and at the age of 9 started taking vocal lessons. From this early age she has continued to work long and hard to develop her incredibly powerful voice into what has today become a singular vocal style. The self-­‐taught musician writes on the guitar and piano both of which she's skilfully mastered over the past few years. This pursuit of her craft has taken her down a long and winding path from winning scholarships at Performing Arts schools in LA and NY, to an eclectic list of gigs that include everything from a performance at the Miss Drag Queen International pageant, to a boxing match, to a performance on a cruise ship, a stint on a nationally televised talent competition, a half time performance at the Mississauga Ice Dogs and hundreds of other various and sundry performances, all of which were grist for the mill in her quest to perfect her talent. From the very beginning Alyssa's drive to take every possible opportunity to hone her writing, playing and singing chops has seasoned this 20-year-old songstress well beyond her years and prepared her to step out onto the main stage.

In the fall of 2009, in a somewhat ironic twist of fate Alyssa was discovered by her record label through a YouTube performance that she posted of her own interpretation of the Justin Bieber hit "One Less Lonely Girl", written from a girls perspective and re-titled "One More Lonely Boy". This cleverly reworked song had already attracted over 200,000 YouTube hits and resulted in her signing with Wax Records. As has been highly touted in the media, Justin Bieber himself was also discovered via Youtube.

Alyssa worked with a varied collection of producers; Dave Thomson (Lights), Da Heala (Massari, Belly, Danny Fernandes), Jeff "Diesel" Dalziel (Edwin, Melissa O'Neil) and Jamie Appleby (Jesse Labelle), for the release of her debut album entitled “The Game”. The songs on the album run the gambit from club raves to R&B inflected joints and soulful ballads each of which stand on their own as bold individual statements and together, as a testimony of who Alyssa Reid is as an artist.

The lead off single "Alone Again" co-written by Alyssa, is a fresh take on the 1987 #1 hit single "Alone" by female rockers Heart. The newly interpreted song has instantly connected with listeners across the world as witnessed by the meteoric rise up the international airplay and singles sales charts. The song shot to the top of the pop radio charts in Canada and produced a #1 video on MuchMusic, making Alyssa Reid the top spun Canadian artist in the country.

Over the past year, the double platinum selling single has catapulted Alyssa Reid into the musical spotlight, placing her at the top of Billboard's "Emerging Artists" chart for an astounding 26 consecutive weeks, garnered a "MuchMusic Video Award" nomination for "Best Pop Video" and a 2012 Juno Award nomination for Best New Artist.

Alyssa's meteoric rise to the top of the charts in her home country has quickly led to international praise and opportunity. On January 29th 2012, Alone Again debuted at #1 on iTunes UK and #1 on the BBC Radio 1 singles chart, further propelling Alyssa to center stage for an international audience.

As of June 2012, Alyssa is poised to further build upon her world-wide success with her anthemic international follow-up single - The Game featuring Snoop Dogg.