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Building blocks to the future

It's hard to imagine what life would be like without reliable community infrastructure. Roads and bridges get farmers to market, children to school and the sick to doctors. They link people to services and jobs and help everyone live a healthy and productive life. And thanks to you, these vital assets are a new reality for the people of Hoang Su Phi.

The new road

Over the past three months, community members have completed a new concrete road that now connects three villages and enables easy travel for over 100 families. With cement and engineering provided by Plan, local people donated additional materials and labour to complete their new all-weather road – one that won't wash out in the rainy season!

The reconstruction of a local bridge nearby now provides a stable connection between residential areas and the community's schools, hospital and trading hub. The old bridge was so dangerous that children couldn't cross on their own and anyone carrying goods to the market had to take an alternative route that added over an hour to the journey. Not anymore.

Rounding out the construction projects this quarter was the creation of a new kindergarten that used to be housed in a dilapidated house with a broken roof that leaked when it rained. There was no water tank for children to wash their hands.

"It was so bad that children didn't want to go to school," says Plan project officer Nguyen Thi Hong Chuyen. "We turned that around with a new multi-classroom school, complete with a kitchen and water tank that has seen the number of students double."

Community members are encouraged by the great changes happening in Hoang Su Phi. With agricultural projects under way, as well as the installation of electricity, they are looking forward to more improvements in the coming months.

The old school

The new school

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