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Girls smile for the camera before going to school


With your help, we’re fuelling change for the better around the world by putting girls and women at the centre of development.

The Because I am a Girl project has directly affected more than two million people in 12 countries, including:

  • More than half a million girls under the age of 18 who’ve been given better access to education, health care, protection, and a chance to reach their full potential
  • Over 1,000 teachers trained to help identify and address gender discrimination in their classrooms, schools and communities
  • Over 50,000 participants, many of them female, in Savings and Loans groups providing access to financial literacy and livelihood opportunities
  • Hundreds of thousands benefitting from our investment in over 400 rural health care centres and the training of more than 19,000 health workers to improve the quality of reproductive, maternal and child health care
  • A better chance at a healthy future for more than 68,000 girls thanks to vital vaccinations.
Child and maternal nutrition
Children and mothers benefit for nutrition projects in Sierra Leone.


Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world. More than 70% of the population lives on less than $2 a day, while food insecurity and malnutrition are widespread.

When there’s scarcity like this, children and women fare the worst, and girls are the most likely to go without. When it comes to food, girls are three times as likely to be malnourished than boys, just as women are more likely to be malnourished than men – which only compounds the problem for children, who are carried, cared for and fed by women.

To address the devastating effects of malnutrition on children and girls, and on pregnant and breastfeeding women, Plan has partnered with the World Food Programme to implement a nutritional support program that reached more than 65,000 girls and 12,000 women and their children in just three months.

Thanks to this school- and clinic-based food distribution program, those most likely to suffer from malnutrition are getting the support they need to stay healthy, so they can grow up strong, get an education, earn a living and make a life for themselves and their families.

Healthy futures
Education gives youth the chance to make informed decisions.


The cycle of poverty keeps many girls and young women from realizing their true potential. But this cycle is difficult to break when adolescent girls become pregnant before they finish their education, which happens often in communities where we work.

That’s why Plan’s programs around the world include adolescent sexual and reproductive health education, and provide support to those who do become pregnant, enabling them to raise healthy babies and have the opportunities they need to break the cycle of poverty. These initiatives contribute to a delay in the timing of first pregnancy, and girls who do become young moms have more resources to help them continue their education and raise healthy children of their own.

Meet Jenny from Ghana, who is back to school despite the odds.

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