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There For Girls Around The Globe

2020 was difficult for everyone, and uncertainty still looms, particularly for girls in developing countries. But Team Girl stands with girls every day to continue striving for equality and opportunity. Thank you for the dedication and generosity you’ve shown to some of the world’s most vulnerable girls, which is needed more than ever.

Explore your inspiring worldwide impact and meet some of the 3 million girls you’ve reached by clicking on the highlighted countries in the map below.

Click on a country to learn more about the impact of your sponsorship

Click on a country to learn more about the impact of your sponsorship

Click on a country to learn more about the impact of your sponsorship

Click on a country to learn more about the impact of your sponsorship

Click on a country to learn more about the impact of your sponsorship

Click on a country to learn more about the impact of your sponsorship

world map
A girl gives a thumbs up beside a new Plan International water access point

In mountainous, remote communities in Laos you helped set up 116 latrines, hand washing stations and water systems to help build girls’ health and resilience to illness. Plus, you helped over 145,000 girls access improved water, hygiene and sanitation facilities around the world!

Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso
A girl sits smiling with a workbook and other school supplies

In Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger – where girls’ education and rights are particularly under threat from radical groups – you helped enroll over 65,000 girls in education programs.

A girl and boy present their learnings together in a Plan International workshop.

In Colombia, you helped Rosa and thousands of girls affected by violence heal and rebuild by participating in arts and livelihood opportunities. Your support also worked to influence policymakers to commit to helping better protect and empower youth.

“My story with Plan International changed my life. It helped me a lot with the theater activities, exhibitions and audio-visual workshops,” says Rosa, who – with your backing – produced her very own short film, helping process her experiences.

Leading for Peace is undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada.

A girl in Uganda takes part in a training on making reusable pads

In refugee settlements in Uganda, where health resources are scarcely available, you helped distribute 9,000 reusable, sanitary menstrual products. Plus, you even helped provide training in pad production and education on menstrual, sexual and reproductive health and rights. This has helped empower vulnerable girls and young women like 17-year-old Nataline, who are surrounded by the dangers of conflict, displacement and COVID-19. “The projects have empowered me to be bold and open!”

Reni Rose with quote that reads: “I stopped focusing on what could go wrong because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, I focused on what I can do to overcome the challenges coming my way.

COVID-19 robbed 18-year-old Reni Rose (pictured, left) from the Philippines of her high school graduation and of her parents’ steady income; it may even affect her dreams of becoming a teacher. But Reni Rose is a Plan International youth peer educator; backed by a supportive network and empowered to make her own decisions. Thanks to the leadership training, livelihood skills and coping mechanisms she’s realized as a project participant, she is persevering, harnessing her strengths and has even started a small online business.

“I make good use of my skills and talents to help my family. No matter what happens, I will continue my studies, I shall make my dreams come true. And as a future teacher, I hope to help others do the same,” she shares.

The RAISE Above Project is funded by Dubai Cares, part of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives.

Peru & Ecuador
A girl outside a Plan International safe space to support Venezuelan migrants.

Venezuelan migrants fleeing unrest face a difficult and often dangerous journey, particularly for girls and women. Working at the borders of Peru, Ecuador and Colombia, Plan International has supported over 180,000 people during their migration and settlement – many of whom are girls exposed to heightened risks like abuse or trafficking.

“Many organizations give you food or shelter, but here I feel secure,” shares 16-year-old Helena*, who found safety in a Plan International safe space for children to recover, play and learn after travelling alone across three countries. Supporters like you also helped provide counselling and rights’ education to help empower and protect migrant women and girls like Helena.

*Name changed for protection and privacy reasons

Thank you for standing with girls through these especially challenging times. Your backing is truly needed more than ever to help ensure girls do not get left behind as the world continues to battle COVID-19, and overcome the many setbacks caused by this pandemic. Thank you for remaining there for girls, now and through it all.

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