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Stopping child sex tourism

Colombia is the sex tourism capital of the Americas.

At home and abroad, Plan has been raising awareness of sex tourism and the threat it poses to girls in developing countries.

In Canada, we’ve joined forces with UNICEF and other child rights agencies to launch a nation-wide campaign. Together, with the Canadian travel industry, law enforcement agencies, and governments, we’ve been working hard to get this important issue on the public radar and develop strategies to help stop these crimes.

In Colombia, where extreme poverty and tourism combine to make this country the sex tourism capital of the Americas, our programs are educating and empowering girls who are at risk to challenge local attitudes and call on officials to enforce the law and protect young people. Working with Colombian tourism operators, state agencies, and the media, Plan-funded youth groups are mobilizing action and building a broad base of support for their cause through initiatives that include workshops, presentations and public rallies.

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