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School dorms in Vietnam + support for Syrian refugees

Here are the latest ways you’re helping bring education, opportunity and better lives to some of the world’s most secluded communities and vulnerable youth.

School dorms open doors in Vietnam

In the remote hills of Vietnam, some children walked up to 6 kilometres to get to school every day, creating a huge barrier to education.

Through your support, the community built a new school dormitory, now housing 50 students! The gender-separate dorms have modern facilities, enabling students to focus on studies, not challenges.

Infographic listing benefits as: electric lighting  = evening reading; communal space = study buddies; fans and solid beds = better rest and attention; security features = safety and comfort; nearby water tank, kitchen and latrines = better health

“I don’t worry about my daughter walking to school at dawn, anymore,” says one father. “After the first semester her grades got better. She has time to read, is a lot more confident and hasn’t been absent from school.”

Indeed, the new accommodations are enabling students to flourish in many ways, especially with the support they gain from one another:

In the evening, I study with my friends and my performance has been getting much better. I can understand full and clear my teacher’s lessons. Now I believe I can go on and study even harder
Thi, dorm resident and student

Girls take study notes at their classroom desks.

Helping Syrian refugee children stay on track

More than 40% of the 100,000+ refugees currently registered in Egypt are children, but you’re helping keep them on an uplifting path of growth and learning.

You distributed over 8,200 education kits to the most vulnerable Syrian refugee and Egyptian children, across 40 public and community schools in Egypt!*

A girl smiles while playing in her classroom in Egypt. Copy reads “Thank you for bringing stability and schooling to children.

* Project undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

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