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Saving the lives of women and children

Thanks to your sponsorship, millions of girls have a better life and a better future in more than 12,000 communities in Africa, Asia and the Americas. With your support we have:

  • Educated almost 3,000 girls on their right to citizenship, health and security
  • Taught more than 750,000 youth about gender rights and sexual and reproductive health
  • Trained more than 45,000 community health care workers in maternal and infant health
  • Helped nearly 600 girls enrol in school or pursue post-secondary education
  • Constructed more than 200 gender-friendly latrines
  • Provided school meals to more than 78,000 girls.

With the opportunity to stay healthy, get an education, and earn a living, girls are breaking the cycle of poverty for themselves, and for their children and communities, thanks to you.

Saving the lives of women and children

Pregnancy and childbirth have an enormous impact on the wellbeing of women, children and families. But in the remote villages where Plan works, extreme poverty and isolation cause the majority of women to give birth at home, often in small huts without electricity, running water, or the benefit of a skilled birth attendant. Not surprisingly, these women and their babies die at an alarming rate. But with your sponsorship, we’re helping to change that.

Investing in health workers

One of the best investments we can make in the lives of mothers and children is through community-based health workers who go house-to-house in their villages identifying pregnant mothers, monitoring their health and educating them and their partners on best practices for a healthy pregnancy and safe birth.

Afia in Ghana credits her community health worker Irene with saving her life and the life of her baby.

“When I think of what could have happened if I had not listened to Irene, I get goose bumps,” says the young mother, whose baby’s birth was a difficult one. “I know we could have died if I had delivered at home, but thankfully Irene convinced us to go to the clinic.”

Reaching the most marginalized women

Without affordable transportation, the most marginalized women in rural communities simply can’t reach health facilities when they go into labour. In one of our projects in rural Ethiopia, where families live on remote homesteads hours away from the nearest clinic, we’ve helped villages improve ambulance services by providing fuel coupons, stretchers and mobile air time, which have contributed to over 600 successful births with a skilled birth attendant. These communities are already seeing an increase in the infant survival rate!

Award-winning care

In Bangladesh, your support has helped educate more than 32,000 women under age 20 on maternal and newborn health issues, such as danger signs in pregnancy. In addition, a Plan-supported clinic received a national award from the Directorate General of Family Planning in Bangladesh for the best health centre in its division for providing the highest number of healthy deliveries, antenatal care and post-natal care – all of which means your contributions will help save more lives in the years to come. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

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