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Uplifting girls everywhere

When girls are empowered to reach their full potential, the sky is the limit.

Your generous contributions to the Because I am a Girl project have reached more than six million people across 15 developing countries and have*:

  • Trained over 2,000 teachers to help identify and address gender discrimination in their classrooms, schools and communities
  • Benefitted more than 49,000 girls with school activities
  • Reached more than 410,000 people with gender equality training and messaging on issues like gender-based violence and child marriage
  • Invested in the construction, rehabilitation or equipping of over 800 health facilities
  • Trained over 70,000 health care workers on topics including reproductive, maternal and child health care
  • Helped form and/or support over 4,000 savings and loans groups, providing thousands of women with financial literacy and livelihood opportunities.

No mountain too high: reaching the girls of Northern Vietnam

Every year, 15 million girls around the world are forced into early marriage – that’s nearly one girl every two seconds.

Education is the antidote.

When a girl gets the chance to go to school, she develops confidence and better prospects for future employment and income. She’s also more likely to marry later and have fewer, yet healthier, more educated children.

3 young girls in traditional dress laugh.

Investing in girls

In the northern mountains of Vietnam, we’re working with local teachers, parents, community leaders and youth to create a groundswell of support for girls in these communities.

So far, your support has helped train over 220 teachers and is promoting community and parent engagement in the importance of girls’ education at nearly 20 schools.

“Now I see that education is the only way to escape poverty,” says Sin Lao, a father whose daughter is in grade seven. “We are trying our best to let our children go to school and avoid early marriage for our daughter.”

Your contribution has helped support eight girl groups across local schools, involving 320 girls. These clubs are nurturing potential by giving girls a chance to build their confidence, learn about their rights and gain the skills they need for the future.

Two girls compete in a potato sack race.

Jumping for joy! Girls are cheered on as they hop in their race.

Brighter futures

“Discussing the consequences of early marriage has shown us the harm it causes,” says 14-year-old Ly. “I’ll only get married when I finish high school and have a job and can support myself.”

Her friend Nung says that for the first time she is deciding her own future.

“I have refused pressure from my parents to marry a boy in the village. If this had happened before, I would have gone along.”

Groups are engaging girls in discussions on issues important to them through the use of music and dance, and are providing video cameras and training to help them express themselves and share their opinions. They’re also connecting with local mentors that inspire with practical advice, such as other girls and women from the region who’ve succeeded in either going to school themselves or ensuring that their daughters had the chance.

We’ll be continuing our work to improve the lives of girls in these communities, made possible through your generosity. As for now, new opportunities are opening up for these girls – and, even though it’s just the beginning, it already means the world.

3 young girls run and play.

*Projects undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

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