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Natabo tailors a better tomorrow

Five decades of war have taken a heavy toll on communities in South Sudan, where almost three quarters of adults are unable to read and write. With one of the youngest populations in the world, the country also has one of the highest levels of youth unemployment, in part because of a skills gap – particularly among girls and young women, who have even fewer educational opportunities.

Big potential has emerged from this big problem – thanks to you.

With your support, we’ve invested in three fully equipped youth centres, offering young people an opportunity to enroll in a high-quality training program and learn from local experts and teachers.

So far, 1,000 young people, aged 10 to 24, have enrolled in courses from basic literacy and numeracy to vocational programs in IT, auto mechanics, cooking and entrepreneurship.

Infographic listing benefits as: electric lighting  = evening reading; communal space = study buddies; fans and solid beds = better rest and attention; security features = safety and comfort; nearby water tank, kitchen and latrines = better health

Students celebrate at the program’s graduation ceremony.

Sewing a cycle of education

Half of all students are girls, including thirteen-year-old Natabo, who – through your support – was trained to become a tailor and has now received a scholarship to pursue further studies. “My mother taught me home duties – to her, that was education. But now I have discovered an education that will position me to support my family and community,” shares Natabo, who is already earning money by working with a tailoring group after school.

“Educating girls is the best way to lift families and communities out of poverty,” explains one teacher from the training facility.

Natabo uses a sewing machine to make a new garment.

Natabo’s participation in after-school tailoring is helping her fund her future.

One of Natabo’s specialties is producing uniforms, which is helping local students and workers secure more accessible and affordable options.

Currently, these tailoring groups are supplying uniforms to 4 schools, 2 hospitals and 3 hotels, beautifully illustrating how education for young people comes full circle, enabling them to give back in so many ways.

Thank you for giving her, and countless others the opportunity to do so.

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