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Microfinance in Sierra Leone

Youth microfinance programs in Sierra Leone prepare girls for the future.

Valuable skills for any girl's future

Fifteen-year-old Adama is one of 18,000 young women taking part in a youth microfinance project in Sierra Leone.

Growing up poor, she dreamed of a better life, but by age 11, she was working in a stone quarry. That’s when she heard about our program to improve the lives of youth through life skills and financial education.

“I joined a youth Savings and Loans group, got training and started saving $1 a week from my wages”, she says. “Then I got a loan of $40. I used some of the money to enrol in school, and some to start making and selling doughnuts.”

Today, Adama is a full-time student with an after-school business that she hopes will finance her journey all the way to nursing school.

“I am grateful this project has let me go to school. I feel proud of myself.”

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