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Meet the girls and women

Meet Estephanie

Estephanie uses theatre to express her values.

Estephanie is 14 years old and lives in one of the poorest communities in Colombia’s Tumaco region. Although life is difficult for girls where she lives, her future changed when she joined a Plan-sponsored youth group that is using theatre to promote girls’ rights in her community.

When she made her debut, Estephanie was one of the smallest members of the troupe, but her passion caught people’s attention.

“Through theatre we can express our values, combat child abuse and provide a positive example for others,” says Estephanie.

"Plan has changed my life. I tell other girls to use everything they know. In Tumaco there are many bad things, but with knowledge and support we can protect ourselves.”

Estephanie is another example of one girl on her way to breaking the cycle of violence and becoming a leader in her community.

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