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Invest in a girl, pull a family from poverty

When girls are educated, they will be able to pull not only themselves, but their entire families out of poverty. Just ask 18-year-old Abibatu from Sierra Leone. When her parents were unable to make ends meet, she was forced to drop out of school and help with her mother’s garden business.

“We had no alternative,” she says, “but I hoped that I could earn enough money to get back to school again.”

Unfortunately, their first harvest was poor, and the future looked uncertain. But then Abibatu heard about Plan’s Village Savings and Loans program, and had an idea.

“I took out a loan to buy fertilizer and seeds and expanded our garden bed,” she explains. “Not long after, we made a huge harvest, which gave me enough to go back to school! I even bought my own uniform and school supplies.”

Today, Abibatu’s family is doing better than ever – all because of an investment in a girl.

“My family is well and has learned lessons from me!,” Abibatu says, smiling with pride.

Abibatu is just one of the 47,000 youth that Plan has supported through Village Savings and Loans Associations in Sierra Leone and Niger. Just imagine the impact your donation is having by supporting girls like her who are leading their families and communities out of poverty. It’s an investment that will last for generations.

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