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Giving youth a second chance

Plan’s education program in Burkina Faso helps give youth a second chance through skills training.

Skills training gives youth a second change at a bright future

Émeline, a young mother who grew up in poverty in Burkina Faso, was working hard to get ahead and improve life for herself and her child. But without an education, and stuck in low paying and occasional jobs, she was barely getting by.

Then one day, while listening to the radio, she heard about a Plan-supported training program offering opportunities for youth. She went to the training centre to learn more and promptly enrolled in the sewing course.

“I’ve always enjoyed seeing the seamstresses making their clothes when I’m in the city, so I jumped at this opportunity,” she says.

Émeline is one of 2,800 young people who have benefited from this project to date. With your support, we are offering vocational programs for young people to equip them with the practical skills they need to get or create decent jobs. And our focus is on girls and mothers in an effort to address gender disparity, which is one of the leading causes of poverty in the first place.

Today, Émeline is excited about the future and what it holds for her and her family.

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