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Getting more girls in school in Mali

Without education there can be no development; yet 62 million girls around the world are not in school, and even more struggle to remain in the classroom, where they belong.

From violence at school, to early marriage and domestic chores at home, girls face many barriers to education. The injustice to them is reason enough for change, but the truth is that everyone suffers when girls are denied the right to lead full lives.

Students sit at school desks and eat snack.

Students, like these girls in Mali, have a snack at school to help fuel their learning.

With your support, Plan is working with communities in Mali to create friendly and safe learning environments for girls, while encouraging parents to send their daughters to school.

Fourteen schools now have gender-separate latrines, providing girls with privacy and safety from harassment. And child protection and gender equality have now been incorporated into action plans and policies for over 30 schools.

Large-scale awareness campaigns have been implemented through “Kids Waves” radio broadcasts, enabling girls to call on local leaders and communities to respect their right to an education.

Thanks to this project, we’re already seeing progress, as girls’ enrolment increases with improved school quality and inclusiveness!

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