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Back to school despite the odds

Jenny lives in a community in Ghana where a Plan maternal health project has helped to change her life. This project, made possible with your support and the support of the Government of Canada through Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, helped Jenny find her way when she became pregnant and was uncertain what her future would bring.

Through this project, she met Maggie, a leader of the local Mother Support Group funded by Plan. Maggie took Jenny under her wing, going with her to the health centre for her first prenatal check-up, encouraging her to stay in school, and talking to her parents and teachers about how to help.

Since then, Jenny has received incredible support.

Jenny is happy to be back in school.

“My teachers and I are ready to lend her any help she needs to complete school and move on to the next level of education,” says the head teacher at Jenny’s school.

For his part, her father accompanied Jenny to her remaining prenatal check-ups, while her mother ensured she was eating nutritious food and getting the rest she needed.

Jenny went into labour earlier than expected, but with the assistance of midwives and a doctor at the local health centre, she had a safe delivery and gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

Jenny with her healthy son, her mother and Maggie.

Jenny is now back in school, thanks to Plan and her parents, who are actively supporting her and caring for the baby when she’s in class. Most importantly, the baby is thriving and receiving all the love and care he needs from his family, with support from his community.

“I am motivated to complete school to ensure a bright future for my child,” says Jenny. “I know my situation would have been different without Plan.”

Girls like Jenny have unlimited potential to improve their lives and pass that on to their children. Thanks to you, they’re getting the chance they deserve to make that happen.

Jenny hard at work in the classroom

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