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3 women you’re helping around the globe!

When girls and women are empowered to reach their full potential, the sky is the limit.

Because of you thousands of females around the world are soaring to new heights of success. Take the chance to meet 3 of the young women you’ve empowered and learn how your help is changing lives.

Woman harvests vegetables in Bolivia.


Ana, 20, is one of nearly 3,000 female farmers you helped train to improve crop production and nutrition in Bolivia. Now that she can support herself and her daughter, she feels a new sense of independence.*

“As women, we mustn’t think we can’t do things. Many people think we can only cook, wash clothes and look after our kids, but we can do anything we put our minds to.”

Female mechanic works on an engine.


Rebecca, 20, is the first girl to graduate from an auto mechanic course you helped support in South Sudan. Despite stereotypes in this male-dominated field, she feels confident and has already begun working.

“I am happy doing it. I will continue working in the garage and earn an income to support myself. I am determined to become a role model.”

Woman leads Plan training.


Fatima is a mother of five whose family was displaced following conflict in Sudan. Thanks to you, she was able to receive small business training and now runs a successful shop.

“It opened opportunities for me. Now I can cover my basic needs and the needs of my children.”

Your support of the Because I am a Girl project has enabled us to reach more than six million people like Ana, Rebecca and Fatima, across 15 developing countries.*

On behalf of the many girls, women and families you’ve helped uplift from poverty: thank you.

*Projects undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

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