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3 ways you’re helping girls gain rights

Whether opening opportunities, giving gender equality a foothold with a levelled playing field or springing refreshing resources, you’re bringing BIG change to girls in countries around the world.

Here are 3 examples of how you’re helping girls access their right to receive an education, participate and be healthy.

1. Encouraging enrollment in Uganda

Children gather outside a large new school in a bright field.

A newly-constructed school that you helped build in Uganda.

Your Because I am a Girl Project Sponsorship has helped over 18,000 out-of-school girls in Uganda enroll in school!

A poster on the wall displays a tally of enrollment, including 556 boys and 585 girls in 2015.

In schools like this, across Uganda, your support is helping girls gain new opportunities when it comes to learning.

Girls and boys sit in a refurbished classroom with their teacher and smile.

2. Scoring new ground in South Sudan

Girls’ skills and self-confidence are getting a boost in South Sudan – both on and off the field. Your support helped form 4 girls’ soccer clubs and host tournaments across three communities, helping girls claim new turf in a male-dominated arena. Sixteen teams of nearly 300 players took part and livelihood-lifting prizes like farm animals were awarded.

Over 4,000 spectators came to cheer girls on, helping gain momentum towards the larger goal of ending gender inequality.

A girl show off their soccer skills to her teammates.

3. Fresh chances in Vietnam

For years, students in Vietnam’s mountain communities had inadequate water and sanitation facilities at school – only one makeshift latrine up an isolated hill, and no available water. With 300 students – more than half female – it wasn’t only off-putting, it was dangerous.

“Whenever I need to go, I ask my friend to come … I am afraid,” shared one girl.

Thirsty students resorted to drinking from nearby streams.

“We know the water isn’t clean but there’s no other choice. Sometimes we have stomach pain and have to skip classes,” said Hoa, a 7th grade student.

A girl washes he hands at an outdoor water tap, and smiles.

Your support helped build a filtered water system and gender-separate latrines, helping clean water and better health and safety flow to 150+ girls across 3 schools!

Two girls wash their hands

“Now classrooms are close to the latrines with clean water, so it’s convenient for us and really clean. We can now wash our hands with soap,” one student happily explains.

“The safety of girls has been guaranteed,” attests Ms. Thu, a grateful teacher.

Two girls smile with their hands forming a peace sign.

Thank you for helping create a just world where all girls have the right to learn, lead, decide and thrive!

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