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Ella cooper

Inspiring future leaders:

Strong Girls, Strong World Program

Two years ago, we collaborated with the YWCA, YMCA and Status of Women Canada to launch a program called Strong Girls, Strong World, an initiative in Canada for women aged 16 to 19 to become agents of change in their communities. In September 2016, we hosted a Strong Girls, Strong World Summit, which brought together participants and project coordinators for a weekend-long conference to enhance the skill sets of these young women so that they could create positive change in their communities. Flo, a young mother of a one-year-old girl, attended the Summit and shared her experience: “I live in a building that supports young parents, and I came [to the Summit] because I don’t get out often with a child. It’s nice to find out what other people are doing to make change in their communities. I’d like to help out more.” Over the course of the weekend, she made connections with like-minded women and decided that her collective in Halifax would create a zine (a small magazine) that features resources, stories and pictures for young mothers. Proceeds of zine sales will go to providing diapers, formula, toys and other necessities for young mothers.