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Teacher helping young student

Flexible Education Program:

An exercise in basic human rights

Universal human rights include the right to an education, but for Bhing-Bhing, a 21-year-old woman in the Philippines, school was a faraway dream. She’s the fifth child in a family of 10 and had to drop out in grade 1 because she faced an arduous commute to school and her family faced financial constraints. Thanks to our partners, Dubai Cares and the Department of Education in the Philippines, her community started a learning system that paralleled the current school system, an alternative that assists out-of-school youth with education and life skills. Maria, an instructor, spent extra time with Bhing-Bhing, who learned at her own pace. After 10 months, Bhing-Bhing’s handwriting and reading improved remarkably, and she gained more confidence in other areas of life. More than 13,000 children and young people like her have benefitted from projects that help them complete their education. They’re exercising their rights to an education -- and more.