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with Children
for change

2016 Plan Canada annual review and financials 2016 Plan Canada annual review and financials
Young girl looks at camera

Children’s Powerful Voices:

Speaking Up to Create Change

Children should be seen and not heard. Unfortunately, such cultural beliefs dominate parts of Kenya and the world, particularly when it comes to the voices of girls and women.

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Two young girls smiling

Protecting Children:

Girls Not Brides

Last year, after their families forced them to get married, two girls in Zimbabwe launched and won a court case that made it illegal for children to marry under the age of 18.

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Woman milking cow

Economic security:

Village women take control

In Pakistan, after Qudsia completed training about management and gender equity, she became an executive in her village’s new milk co-operative, one of 330 co-ops supported by our national partner organization, Empowerment Thru Creative Integration.

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Teacher helping young student

Flexible Education Program:

An exercise in basic human rights

Universal human rights include the right to an education, but for Bhing-Bhing, a 21-year-old woman in the Philippines, school was a faraway dream.

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Two young girls

Emergency response:

Children are the first priority

The Syrian refugee migration has been one of the most complex crises of our time. For five years, bombs and bullets have forced nearly 4.8 million Syrians, nearly half of them under the age of 18, to flee to safety.

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Woman holding young baby

Mosquito nets:

Fighting the war on Malaria

“We hang the net for me and my children to sleep under," says Lovette, a motherin Liberia. "I don't want mosquitoes to bite the children."

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Ella cooper

Inspiring future leaders:

Strong Girls, Strong World Program

Two years ago, we collaborated with the YWCA, YMCA and Status of Women Canada to launch a program called Strong Girls, Strong World, an initiative in Canada for women aged 16 to 19 to become agents of change in their communities.

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Young boy washing hands

Building latrines and education:

Saving the life of a community

It all started with Bakari, a mosque leader in Itiso, a community in Tanzania. He promised to upgrade his mosque’s latrine, a positive example for a community where open defecation was common.

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