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A safe place for children

We’ve been hard at work constructing and equipping 8 kindergartens in Hoang Su Phi. In this mountainous area, school is not always the safest place for children to play. Rough and hilly terrain increases the risk of children being injured, particularly younger children.

A building sitting on the edge of a cliff in Vietnam

Dangerous playground conditions before construction.

But thanks your support, parents and community members have come together to reduce this risk by building safe playgrounds for children at the local kindergartens.

Workers building a playground in Vietnam

Preparing the site for improvement.

With the support of Plan staff, community members contributed labour and resources to construct a safe playground for the children at the Suoi Thau kindergarten.

Digging the new playground in Vietnam

Local men and women band together to construct a safe playground.

“Plan supported our village to renovate the preschool. All the villagers were excited to lend a hand to the project. My husband was in charge of carrying materials and smoothing the surface,” explains Mrs. Tan, a local mother of three.

This kindergarten’s new playground will benefit 22 bright-eyed preschoolers, providing them with a healthy and safe environment in which to learn and play.

Children holding hands in a circle on a playground in Vietnam

The kindergarten children join hands on the brand new surface!

The preschool-aged children of Hoang Su Phi have never been more excited to go to school and play outside with their friends! And now the parents of Hoang Su Phi can rest assured that their youngest children are getting the care and development they deserve in a safe environment.

Children standing in front of a school waving

Thanks for the safe place to play!

And that’s not the only area in the community where infrastructure improvements are taking place! After participating in local construction initiatives like the playground repair project, and seeing the benefits from sending their youngest child to the improved kindergarten, one family has taken the initiative to do something they never thought possible before.

In the past, the Tan family struggled to make ends meet, going months without adequate nutrition and living in poor conditions, which put their young children at risk.

Woman holding spade in front of a garden

Mrs. Tan stands in front of their old family home.

But with Plan’s support, the Tan family learned the skills and received the resources they needed to improve their income, all thanks to your generosity.

So the family decided to build a brand new family home, giving their children a safer place to grow and flourish. Construction is almost complete and the family could not be happier.

Family with three children and two adults

The Tan family stands in front of their new house!

“There has been a big change for my family, a miracle I could not have dreamed of in the past. I am so proud of the new house. Now, my three children can grow up in a cozy home,” says a beaming Mr. Tan.

A girl holds a younger girl <p">Ngoc holds his younger sister Quynh in front of their new home.

Thank you for your commitment to the Hoang Su Phi community. Without your support, none of this would have been possible!


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