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A mother’s love

Mother kisses infant.

A mother’s love has a will …

There are few emotions as powerful as love, and few bonds as strong as that of a mother and her child. A mother instinctively seeks to provide for her children, but in the developing world mothers don’t always have access to the essentials their children need to survive and thrive.

Poverty and limited resources prevent millions of mothers around the world from being able to adequately provide for their children. In developing regions, where 1.2 billion people live on less than $1.25 per day and 780 million people lack access to safe drinking water, many mothers have the odds stacked against them.



The fight to escape poverty

Dr. Tanjina Mirza, Vice-President of Plan Canada’s International Programs, has seen how mothers in so many parts of the world deeply love their children. But she has also seen drastic disparity in the availability of basic, yet crucial services and resources.

“My mother had access to all the essentials we needed to grow up healthy, well-fed and educated,” she says. “But I also knew we were among the lucky.”

Mother kisses infant.

...But not always a way.

In the developing world, lack of clean water, medical care and food can combine to create serious and potentially life-threatening health issues – leaving millions of children at risk.

Skills training, schooling and employment opportunities, along with economic services like small loans, are limited or inaccessible – leaving parents with the difficult task of independently generating income to support their families, with little means to actually do so.

In turn, challenges of poverty are passed down, from generation to generation, preventing children – like the 121 million that are currently out of school – from realizing their full potential.

“As a mother myself, I can’t imagine how heartbreaking it must be to feel such helplessness,” reflects Dr. Mirza.

With your help, we’re changing this: one child at a time

Plan works in 51 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas, enabling families to break the cycle of poverty and build a cycle of progress, benefitting entire communities for years to come. And it all starts with one child.

  • Mother and infant in Peru.

    This mother was able to leverage her technical skills as a weaver to economically support her family.

  • Mother and infant under bed net.

    We help mothers protect their children from preventable – though potentially deadly – diseases. This mother sits with her child under a bed net in Burkina Faso, both protected from mosquito bites that can spread malaria.

  • Bolivian mother writes with child.

    A Bolivian mother takes her baby for a medical check-up at a Plan-supported health clinic.

  • Mother with child and Plan bag.

    After an earthquake in China, Wang and her infant, Jiran, narrowly escaped their collapsed home, losing nearly all their possessions. Plan provided Wang with an infant kit to help care for Jiran during this trying time.

  • Ethiopian mother holds her child.

    Yenesh participates in a Plan-organized parent group in Ethiopia so that she can better care for her daughter Lielt, 1. The group regularly meets to learn about nutrition and best practices for children’s healthy development.

  • Toddlers and mothers in ECCD centre.

    A mother accompanies her daughter to a Plan centre in Peru. Here, she can access resources to support her child’s nutrition and she can also access educational toys to stimulate development.

  • Mother gives child clean water.

    In Vietnam, mothers learned how to ensure water was safe for their families’ consumption and why this is an important step to ensure illness prevention.

  • Mother with infant and food.

    A mother receives items from a Plan event that will support her nutrition and health, and, in turn, her infant’s as well.

  • Mother with infant and new identification card.

    Namicho struggled for years to secure Thai citizenship. Now, she shows off her new identity card thanks to a Plan-supported event in Thailand. "With my official identity card, me and my 6-month-old baby can get access to health services," she beams.

  • A mother reads to her child.

    In Cambodia, Ly reads a nutritional food leaflet produced by Plan with her 10-month-old son – helping improve both literacy and health awareness!

  • Thai mother with baby on back.

    Education is important,” says Fang. “With a good education I could get a good job. Without that, I would be stuck with a low income. I want my child to get a good education too.” Fang attends school through an education program in Thailand – helping both her and her child look forward to a promising future.

  • Mother washes her son’s face.

    Dickson laughs as his mother washes his face at their home in Kenya. Plan helps mothers understand proper hygiene practices to ensure families have sanitation in support of wellness.

  • A mother looks at her infant.

    Child Sponsorship equips mothers with the tools and skills they need to protect their children – ensuring no child is denied their right to health, safety and education.

  • Indonesian baby.

    Currently, more than 185,000 children are being sponsored through Plan Canada – helping improve children’s access to essentials and connecting them to their sponsors, through correspondence.

  • Mother lifts child to the sky.

    With programs like Child Sponsorship, the sky’s the limit for this mother and child in India, and for children and mothers around the world.

  • Mother lifts child to the sky.

    With programs like Child Sponsorship, the sky’s the limit for this mother and child in India, and for children and mothers around the world.

Plan’s Child Sponsorship program is a personal way for you to make a difference in the life of a child – regardless of faith or culture. For just over $1/day you can give children, their families and whole communities a way to access vital resources and gain valuable skills.

“Child sponsorship not only benefits the child you sponsor, it benefits all children, women and men living in that community,” says Dr. Mirza. “It means ensuring every child has a chance to grow up healthy and empowered in communities that thrive and flourish.”

Making dreams a reality

A mother’s love wishes that her child will realize their full potential and encourages them to believe that anything is possible.

By becoming a child sponsor, you’ll help make both a mother and child’s hopes for the future not only possible, but attainable.

Help ensure a child is safe, happy and healthy today, so that children, mothers and all can enjoy a brighter tomorrow.

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