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What you have done

“Plan has given me skills to work, plan to live, tools to farm and seeds to grow,” says Trang Van Cong. These sentiments are echoed throughout the Hoang Su Phi region of Vietnam where your investment into families and communities is making a profound impact.

Over the past few months, staff and community members worked together to overcome challenges such as washed out roads due to the rainy season. More than 1,450 people, including women and marginalized community members, came together to plan Community Development Fund activities. And the progress that’s been made is visible. Through the Community Development Fund, Plan:

  • Equipped 25 schools with desks, toys and books
  • Provided cooking tools for the Ban Luoc commune school, which provides lunch for 35 children
  • Constructed 12 classrooms
  • Built, upgraded or provided equipment for 8 community cultural halls
  • Held 4 training sessions on farming techniques and livestock care.

Money from the Family Development Fund has been allocated to help some of the most disadvantaged people in the region. Thirty families purchased cement sheets to build animal enclosures, and purchased 16 cows and buffalos, 81 pigs and 68 goats. To develop drinking water systems, 3,200 metres of water pipe were purchased, and 5 houses built water tanks. The impact has been powerful and there are already signs of improvement in the livelihoods of the poorest households.

Who you have helped

By offering training courses, Plan was able to enrich the daily lives and prosperity of people like Lu Van Son and her family. She was among 137 people who participated in training courses in cultivation, improving yields of rice, maize, peanut and soybeans, animal husbandry, as well as disease prevention for their cows, goats and pigs.

“I liked the new information on livestock,” Son says. “In the past, I just did the breeding as our parents did. We didn’t know how to protect the animals from epidemics and when they were sick, we just waited or sometimes worshipped. Now, I know the role of vaccination and veterinary care.”

The knowledge has also demonstrated the power of education in overcoming poverty. Son is optimistic about the opportunities that will be available to her daughters and sons in the future. “If we have money, I can afford to give my children a good education and then they are able to become teachers or doctors.”

Other programs have given community members new opportunities to increase their income. Using microfinance capital, Đặng Văn Thềm opened a grocery stall and within just one month earned back 66% of the original $150 investment.

The generous support of Plan donors has left a lasting legacy. Says Thềm, “Even in the future when Plan does not work at our village, I will keep what I have learned from Plan to overcome poverty and have a stable life.”

How you have helped

Many positive changes have also taken place for Trang Van Cong’s family. “I feel more positive since life’s become easier,” she says. “We have rice, fish sauce and seasonings to eat. I see the light leading me to a better future.”

Cong feels especially empowered by the meetings organized to assess individual and community needs. “In the past, during the village meetings, we villagers just stayed silent and listened, but now we are consulted and heard”, she says. “Even women and children are invited to join. They also play a key role in these meetings.”


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