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A day in the life of Eudel: How Child Sponsorship changed her life and community

Eudel in class.

Meet Eudel.

Like most 8-year-old girls, Eudel likes going to school, playing with her friends, and spending time with her grandmother – especially enjoying her cooking!

But Eudel and her family weren’t always able to enjoy these things. Growing up in a rural community in Zimbabwe, where few resources were available, posed several challenges for families’ ability to meet daily living needs.

Now, thanks to Plan and our Child Sponsorship, children like Eudel and their families are able to break the cycle of poverty, and begin a cycle of progress.

Eudel is one of over 7,000 children in Zimbabwe sponsored by Canadian donors. Thanks to Child Sponsorship, these thousands of children and communities now have access to education, economic security, clean water and nutritious food.

Thriving children, flourishing communities

Programs like the Peanut butter project (funded through Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope) have also supported Eudel’s family and community. After Eudel’s father passed away, her mother, Shylit, was left with the difficult task of being the sole provider for her children. She now runs the Plan-funded grinding mill where they shell, grind, and roast peanuts to produce, package, market, and sell peanut butter, as well as processing community members’ food, such as maize, as a service.

The successful income-generating project has helped Shylit support her family, while also providing beneficial employment and food-production opportunities for the entire community.

“We are now able to be uplifted. You can see we have changed because in our families we are now able to pay school fees that we were unable to pay before. Our children are now able to eat better food – food that has complete nutrients, things we could not afford before. Even malnutrition has been reduced in the community,” Shylit explained.

Protecting childhoods to promote brighter futures
Eudel laughs.

Having already seen the impact of Plan’s work on Eudel’s life, and the community’s well-being, Shylit is hopeful as she looks ahead and imagines the future. She describes the positive changes that can ripple out by giving children like Eudel the chance they deserve.

“As time goes on, she [Eudel] will be learning more and keep making progress. Maybe she will even end up seeing as far as Canada!” she said. “If she passes and gets a job, she could be in a position to help another person, another child in need, and help in their life.”

For now, Eudel can secure clean water from a nearby well, eat balanced meals, and attend school with her friends, meaning she can focus on just being a kid, while also looking forward to a promising tomorrow.

Thanks to the generosity of her sponsors, Eudel now has the chance to tap into her true potential, opening the door to limitless possibilities.

“If I could meet the sponsors, I will be happy, clean and wearing a presentable uniform,” shared Eudel. “I would like to tell them: ‘Thank you very much.’”

Changing the world can start by changing the life of one child.

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