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Map of Philippines Map of Philippines

Philippines flagCountry Profile

Capital: Manila

Language: Filipino, English

Population: 107 million

Plan International has been working in the Philippines since 1961, helping children living in poverty to realize their rights to health care, education, protection and a high quality of life. We work in 420 communities nationwide, helping over 80,000 families benefit from our work.

Our goal is for all children to enjoy their right to education, health care, protection and participation.

A young boy and girl smile big for the camera
A family stands outside of their home.
Plan staff member reads book to young childreb

Plan International's core areas of activity include:

Economic security
Economic security
Child protection
Child protection

3 reasons why your support is so important:

  • 1 in 3 children experience stunted growth caused by malnutrition.
  • Nearly a third of people in rural areas don’t have adequate sanitation facilities.
  • Hundreds of schools were destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan and thousands of children are missing out on education.

How your support is helping the Philippines:

  • Providing relief and recovery before, during and after a disaster strikes, and ensuring girls, boys and families can realize their rights in a disaster.
  • Helping build disaster-resilient communities by getting communities involved in the planning process, and ensuring children and families are trained in disaster preparedness.
  • Protecting girls and boys from abuse, exploitation, violence and harm from disasters that may interfere with their right to education.
  • Working to reduce the incidence of preventable diseases among children by improving community health practices and services which will improve the health, nutrition and sanitation in communities.
  • Educating communities on the importance of sanitation and constructing separate latrines for girls and boys.

Country Comparison

People living in poverty 25% 9%
Mortality of children under 5 30 deaths /1000 births 5 deaths /1000 births
Life expectancy 69 years 81 years

(World Bank, CIA World Factbook, World Health Organization)

Common phrases in Filipino

Hello Kumusta
How are you? Kumusta Ka?
Thank you Salamat
Goodbye Paalam na
Happy Birthday Maligayang kaarawan

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