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The quinoa project
The quinoa project

This superfood is a super gift for almost 6,000 families in developing countries, where poor nutrition and health run rampant. This gift of a family garden includes everything necessary for growing that garden: quinoa seeds and other grain crops; training for growing and harvesting the crops; and the know-how to turn those crops into nutritious meals with cooking classes and recipe books. With this gift, you can help families become healthy and strong for life.

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2 pigs

Pigs are gifts of bounty. With their short gestation period, a virile hog and fertile sow combine to make for lots of piglets lots of the time.


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Beekeeping kit

A sweet gift that provides honeyed benefits to the recipient! A beekeeping kit can be instantly turned into a profitable, buzzing business, providing an income to support a family and pay for such things as housing, health care and food.


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School vegetable garden

How do you nurture the seeds of hope and help dreams sprout for thousands of children? You can start with a school vegetable garden.

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Food basket

Filled with staples like beans, cooking oil, fortified cereal blends and sugar, it’s a basic food basket with an impact that is anything but.

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