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Girls-only latrines

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Girls-only latrines
Price: $100.00

Girls in the developing world face many obstacles to attending school. This gift is part of the solution. Girls-only latrines make schools more welcoming and safer for girls, and also mean improved health and hygiene. It’s that simple!

Your $100 gift is matched for a $300 value!

Matched GiftBecause I am a Girl

Amna is one of the 3,300 girls in Pakistan going to a safer, more welcoming school because of this gift.

Plan has brought gender-separated latrines to 20 schools in rural Pakistan, complete with flush toilets and hand washing facilities, providing a huge incentive for girls to attend school. The gift has also provided sanitation and hygiene training for students at 60 schools, putting them in charge of their own health and hygiene and reducing the spread of infectious disease.

Plan constructed washrooms at my school and provided clean running water,” says Amna. “Now I can wash my hands with soap and clean water!”

A girl from Pakistan washes her hands, using the new facilities installed at her school through Gifts of Hope.

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