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9 gifts that give hope this holiday season

What if just one gift could permanently improve someone’s life? That’s the power of a Gift of Hope.

Whether for a teacher, colleague, family member or friend, these ethical gifts are an easy way to give something that is both unique and meaningful. Best of all, Gifts of Hope are gifts that give twice – positively impacting both your special recipient and children in a developing country.

When you purchase a Gift of Hope, your money goes directly towards funding that specific item, effecting real change for real people.

Ranging from fruit trees to school essentials for an entire classroom, these gifts help to break the cycle of poverty in developing countries, beginning a cycle of progress and creating a better world for everyone.

Some Gifts of Hope are even generously matched by Plan’s institutional partners – helping your gift go even further! For example, when you purchase school essentials for one child, your $17 dollar donation will be matched 8 times for a total value of $153!

With over 40 innovative gifts to choose from – starting from only $10 – Plan has the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Get started on your holiday shopping by checking out these 9 life-changing Gifts of Hope:

  • A girl holds a chick.

    Once these bundles of fluff mature they can help feed a family with their nutritious eggs, provide an income for women, and teach girls important poultry management skills to crack open a brighter future. Give the gift of baby chicks!

  • A bundled newborn.

    This gift supports community health workers in developing countries to help save the lives of newborns and new moms. With this gift, you’ll help ensure that both mother and baby thrive after delivery. Give a newborn checkup!

  • Two hands cup quinoa.

    This hearty superfood is a super gift for almost 6,000 families in developing countries. It includes seeds, agricultural training, and cooking classes – providing a lasting source of nourishment. Give the gift of the quinoa project!

  • A girl drinks milk.

    This gift supports farmer cooperatives, offering training for creating and distributing dairy products and helping bring an income to thousands of dairy farmers, while also feeding families. Give the gift of the milk project!

  • A boy holds a goat.

    Goats are more than just a cute face: they provide milk and a source of income, giving growing children essential protein and helping families pay for housing, food, and educational needs. Give the gift of a goat!

  • A mother sews clothing.

    The mom shop provides mothers with vocational training, business skills, and loans. It helps women become entrepreneurs so that they can support their families and give their children a better life. Give the gift of the mom shop!

  • A girl stands confidently.

    This gift helps unleash the power of every girl to help end poverty. It creates safe schools, prevents child marriage, provides economic opportunities, and engages men and boys to achieve gender equality. Give the gift of girl power!

  • A boy retrieves well water.

    In many parts of the world children go to school without latrines or access to basic water pumps – putting their hygiene and safety at risk. This gift keeps children healthy and in school, helping quench the thirst for learning. Help build a well for a class!

This holiday, give a gift that truly matters, a gift that extends opportunity to families in developing countries, while also spreading hope around the world.

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