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3 examples of how Gifts of Hope can transform lives

1. The gift of a fruit tree
Vinny shows his peers how to plant a tree.

Vinny shows his peers how to plant a tree. This Gift of Hope instils important life skills in future generations by providing children with hands-on agricultural opportunities and the fruits of these efforts!

Severe flooding in Kenya submerged Vinny’s home and washed away his family’s livestock and gardens, their main source of income and food. To help feed his siblings, Vinny began missing school to take labour jobs.

“We went without food for some days, lacked clean water for drinking and felt cold in the night since our beddings had been washed away,” he recalled.

But thanks to Canadian donors, the future turned brighter in Kenya for children like Vinny.

With your help we were able to provide 6,000 fruit trees, benefitting over 140 homes and 1,500 people!

Additionally, we helped implement Junior Farmers clubs, which used incentives like fruit, trees and comprehensive agricultural training to encourage students like Vinny to attend school and get involved.

“We were taught how to prepare food during floods and I am ready to practice this lesson whenever the rainy seasons approach,” said Vinny. “The lessons I have learned as a pupil and member of our school’s club has prepared me well to contribute to local environmental conservation and a way of life after school.”

2. The gift of goats
Melanie with her goats in their pen.

Plan has distributed over 1,400 goats to 16,000 people like Mélanie across Benin, Indonesia, Kenya, and Sierra Leone.

A few years ago, Mélanie’s husband left her, forcing her to become the sole provider for her 5 children. With little yield from her family farm in Benin, she struggled to get by. She was forced to take out high-interest loans to pay for her children’s education and medical needs.

Then Mélanie received Gifts of Hope goats. Along with the goats, she also received training in pen construction, livestock management and breeding.

Mélanie and her children are already benefitting from the goats’ nutritious milk and soil-enriching fertilizer, and she is beginning to earn additional income.

“Imagine,” she said, with pride, “I started with 4 goats and they have given birth to 5. If they in turn give me at least 5, my herd will grow and I can sell some to better meet my children’s daily needs.”

In addition to helping Mélanie’s family, the herd will go on to improve the lives of surrounding community members.

“I do not really know how to thank Plan for this project, which will lead us to be happy and more financially secure,” said Mélanie.

3. The gift of girls’ take-home rations
Moinya reads with her friends.

“My grandfather is very happy to see me attend school every day because he says there is no educated person in the family and that is why we are poor,” said Moinya (at centre). Thanks to her take-home rations she can help break the cycle of poverty.

In developing countries like Sierra Leone, girls are often the first to be pulled from school when a family is struggling financially. Moiyna, 13, experienced this when her parents could no longer afford her education, resulting in her staying home to tend to the family farm.

But through the girls’ take-home rations Gift of Hope, we were able to offer Moinya and thousands of other girls an innovative solution. Families were taught the value of educating their daughters. And girls – like Moinya – were given essential food items, such as cooking oil or grains, to take home from school.

“Last year, I got to go to school just once in a while, but now I go every day,” said Moinya with a big smile. “My mother wakes me up in the morning and says, ‘Moinya, you have to go.’”

Moinya is one of 3,000 girls in grades 4 to 6 who now have the chance to receive the education they deserve and to contribute to their families (in more ways than one)!

“When my results are out, I will start secondary school and be the ‘Book woman’. Then maybe one day I will be able to help other girls go to school as well,” said an inspired and motivated Moinya.

Gifts that go the extra mile

When you purchase a Gift of Hope, your money goes directly towards funding that specific item. Gifts of Hope are real gifts that go to real projects that change real lives.

And Gifts of Hope make great last-minute gifts! When you purchase one online, you can send your recipient a complimentary eCard or print a PDF card to give in-person, recognizing the incredible impact they’ve inspired.