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Canadian support reaches the Sahel

Plan staff distributed buckets and hygiene kits.

Plan staff distributed buckets and hygiene kits.

Over the last year, 18 million people have been affected by the food and nutrition crisis in the Sahel region of West Africa. Thanks to the generous support of Canadian donors across the country, we raised over $1.2 million to assist children and families affected by the crisis.

Keeping students energized

One important focus for Plan in food crises, like the one in the Sahel, is to keep children nourished and in school. One way we do this is through school feeding programs, which provide daily meals to students. School feeding programs encourage parents to send their children to class; ensuring children’s education is not interrupted in times of crisis.

  • In total, more than 2,300 students in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso have benefited from school feeding programs.
  • 6 temporary schools have been constructed in the Sahel.

Plan has also been providing assistance to families in other ways besides education. So far, Plan has provided:

    • Cereals, rice and cooking oil to more than 19,600 people
    • 4,000 articles of cold weather clothing to refugee children
    • 90,000 litres of water per day to families living in the camp.

Plan has also helped train nearly 200 community health volunteers to identify malnutrition and refer children to health clinics.

Flooding in Cameroon

Cameroon is another country affected by the food crisis in the Sahel, but the country was also faced with severe flooding in September 2012, causing thousands to flee their homes.

They had the heaviest rains anyone can remember in 50 years, causing damage to drain systems and the destruction of homes, crops and livelihoods. Fleeing their homes and flooded crops, nearly 1,200 families settled in a camp for displaced people called Kai Kai in northern Cameroon. Families have been huddling under makeshift tents made of grass, wood and plastic sheets, which is a concern as the cold season has now arrived.

Helping displaced families recover
Inside the buckets are hygiene supplies, distributed to families in the Kai Kai camp.

Inside the buckets are hygiene supplies, distributed to families in the Kai Kai camp.

In response, Plan has ramped up relief efforts in the Kai Kai camp in Cameroon, helping to provide education, health, shelter, and improved water and sanitation. In December 2012, Plan distributed the following to families in Kai Kai camp:

        • School kits to 798 students
        • 18 teaching and curriculum guides to teachers at 2 schools
        • Hygiene and sanitation kits to 424 households
        • Mats and blankets to 700 households

Additionally, Plan is delivering medicine to stock the local health clinic, building 29 latrines to improve sanitation conditions in the camp, distributing water purification tablets, distributing toys and games to children, and disinfecting local water points with chlorine to manage mosquitos and malaria.

None of our work would be made possible without your generous support. Thank you!

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