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Letters: a meaningful way to connect to your sponsored child

Leah and Kara proudly pose in front of their bake sale.

Letters are one of the most meaningful things you can send your sponsored child.

The art of handwriting is a unique way of expressing ourselves. In the age of fast-moving technologies, every January 23, National Handwriting Day presents the chance to put your pen to paper.

Taking the time to write is one way to send hope and love to someone who lives across the world. Just as important as monetary contributions are towards helping to build opportunities for children in the communities where Plan works, letter writing is also an essential part of child sponsorship.

A letter or note to your sponsored child can be a very personal form of communication, as they are a reminder that someone far away cares for them. Sending and receiving letters is also a meaningful way for you and your sponsored child to learn about each other, and to build and strengthen a relationship that may last for many years.

Usually your sponsored child is eager to hear from you and will cherish this correspondence for a long time. Plan also provides resources to children to create cards to send to their sponsors as well.

Writing to your sponsored child – some tips
  • Keep it simple: Write about things that children can easily understand and connect with – such as family, work, food, seasons and the weather.
  • Involve your own family: If you have children or grandchildren, involve them in the writing process and enclose any drawings they may create.
  • Send a few photos: Children are proud to display your photos and sometimes show them to their community.

Read more tips on writing to your sponsored child.

How to send a letter
Children from rural Chinese communities where Plan works make cards to mail to their sponsors.

Children from rural Chinese communities where Plan works make cards to mail to their sponsors.

By mail: Send your letter by email to Plan Canada at or by post to: Plan Canada, 95 St. Clair Avenue West, Suite 1001, Toronto, ON, Canada M4V 3B5. Don’t forget to include your Donor ID number and sponsored child’s number as well!

Online: Write a message with our easy-to-use letter writing tool on MyPlan. You can also send a personal e-card to your sponsored child for their birthday or for other special occasions.

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