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All donations made until October 3rd will be matched! Visit CIDA for more details.

Flooding crisis in Pakistan: over 2O million affected - at least 6 million of them children

Pakistan flood survivors seeking shelter

Children are our first priority. Please donate to help the 6 million children who have been flood-affected.

All donations made between August 2 and October 3, 2010 will be matched by the Canadian government to its Pakistan Flood Relief Fund

Please give to our Pakistan flood relief efforts. Children and families in Pakistan desperately need our help.

The devastation is immense and the rebuilding effort will be massive. One-fifth of the country has been submerged by the country's worst floods in living memory, which have wiped out homes, farms and villages, and brought devastation to millions of families and children. The UN estimates that over 20 million people have been affected by the floods, at least 6 million of whom are children. This is more people than the Tsunami, the Kashmir earthquake and the Haiti earthquake... combined.

Plan in Pakistan

We responded within hours of the first devastating floods. We are providing food, water, sanitation, shelter, mosquito nets, milk for babies and children, sanitation services, and health and hygiene sessions so people know what to do to prevent the spread of disease. We have provided cooked meals to more than 250,000 people. We've worked with the people of Pakistan since 1997 and will remain to help them rebuild what was lost.

Children affected by Pakistani flood crisis

Thousands of families have had their lives swept away by the flood. Plan is delivering aid to those who need it with help from donations.

Help is needed

This is a disaster on a massive scale. Millions of families and children have lost everything. Where the waters have receded, homes, farms, clinics, schools and entire communities are gone. Those who have survived face grave conditions, but we can reach them with the essentials to help them get through this crisis and begin the process of rebuilding their lives.