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1. How does Plan handle tax receipts?

Tax receipts are issued in February for donations made above $25 for the previous calendar year. Get your tax receipt by email and help us keep costs low and save paper. Click here to convert now, or you can email us at or call 1 800 387-1418 to convert to e-receipts now.

2. Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

It's natural to want to send something extra to your sponsored child, but we ask that you limit your gifts to educational items that can fit into a 9” x 12” envelope. To help keep our mailing costs low, your package should not weigh more than 150 grams or be thicker than 5 centimetres. A deck of cards is an example of an item that would weigh 150 grams. Please do not send money.

Gifts you might consider sending are items that belong to the following groups:

  • Signals of friendship, e.g., photos, postcards, stickers, balloons
  • Writing and drawing, e.g., pens, paper, pencil case, crayons
  • Learning and exploring, e.g., maps, booklets, small puzzles, colouring books
  • Sporting and outdoor activities, playing with friends, e.g., inflatable beach balls, skipping rope

Remember to keep your package light to help ensure our mailing costs are kept low!

3. How do I change my personal information?

Contact us at 1-800-387-1418 or create an online account with us to update your contact information. Please allow 48 hours for your new online account to be activated. Already have an online account with us? Please log in to update your information.

4. How do I change my payment option?

Please call us at 1-800-387-1418 to update your financial information. One of our Donor Support representatives will be happy to assist you.

5. Privacy Policy

Plan respects the privacy of our donors. The personal information you share with us will be used to manage your sponsorship, provide you with opportunities to help children and communicate with you about our work. It will not be sold, traded or rented to any other organization.

Should you wish, for any reason, to not receive certain types of information from us, please call us toll-free at 1-800-387-1418, or send us a note at For detailed information on what information Plan Canada collects, why we collect it and how we safeguard all information, please read our full Privacy Policy.

6. Do sponsorship contributions go directly to one child?

No. Sponsorship contributions are pooled centrally, and used to fund programs benefiting sponsored children, their families and communities. More than 70 years of experience have taught us that helping families and communities become self-sufficient is the best way to secure the child’s future.

Learn more about child sponsorship.

7. If I sponsor a child, how long a commitment do I need to make?

The length of your commitment is up to you. Many sponsors have been with us for many years, which allows us to make long-term commitments to our partner communities.

If you choose to end your sponsorship for any reason, please call us so we can introduce your sponsored child to a new sponsor.

8. How long do children remain sponsored through Plan?

At the age of 18, all sponsored children officially “graduate” from the program, although they will continue to benefit from our involvement in their community. If a sponsored child’s family moves out of the area where Plan works, or if the community decides that it has become self-sufficient and no longer in need of Plan assistance, the sponsorship will come to an end.

When that happens, you’ll receive a profile and photograph of a new child to sponsor. If you don’t want to make the transition to a new child, or want to shift to another way to give to Plan’s work, contact us and let us know your wishes.

9. Can I leave a gift in my will to my sponsored child?

No, it is not possible for you to leave a gift in your will to your sponsored child. You can, however, leave a gift in your will for Plan's child sponsorship programming.

Since a legacy gift is realized well into the future, and because needs and programs shift over time, your bequest will have the maximum impact for children if Plan Canada has the flexibility to direct your ultimate gift to there where the need is greatest at the time. This will allow your gift to support generations of children far into the future.

To ensure that Plan is able to honour your wishes and distribute your gifts as you intend, the wording of your will is important. To discuss the wording of your will, please don't hesitate to contact Karobi Ray, CFRE at 1-800-387-1418 ext. 292 or email You can also view some samples of wording for your bequest here.

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