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Institutional partner funded projects

Plan International Canada works closely with a number of institutional partners who help us go the extra mile. Grants from institutional partners help to maximize Plan International’s resources and impact in developing countries. The support of these partners is fundamental in our efforts to bring about sustainable change in the lives of children, families and communities we work with around the globe.

The MasterCard foundation

The MasterCard Foundation

Youth Economic Empowerment in Niger, Senegal and Sierra Leone

In January 2010, Plan International Canada launched a four-year Youth Economic Empowerment project in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation. The innovative initiative provides youth-specific financial services, like small loans and saving, to more than 70,000 youth – 70% of which are female – in Niger, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

Project participants will also get training in a variety of life skills like basic numeracy skills, financial literacy, reproductive heath, human rights, and gender equality.

This program is undertaken with the financial support of The MasterCard Foundation.

Dubai Cares

Dubai Cares

Education, water and sanitation to support vulnerable communities in Bombali, Sierra Leone

In partnership with Dubai Cares, this two-year year program, which was launched in April 2010, aimed to improve access to, and quality of, education and to reduce water-borne illnesses among children and their communities in the area of Bombali in Sierra Leone.

Program activities – including the construction of wells, latrines and schools, and community education sessions –benefited more than 4,100 students, including 2,125 girls, at seven primary schools and 3,500 community members from 36 villages.

Learn more about Plan International’s work in partnership with Dubai Cares.

Educate a child

Educate A Child

Equity and Quality Education (EQE) for Excluded and Marginalized Children in Uganda

Educate A Child (EAC), a program of Education Above All, is a global initiative launched by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar, which aims to significantly reduce the numbers of children worldwide who are out of school.

The Equity and Quality Education (EQE) project is a four-year project, supported by EAC, that began in 2013. It aims to improve access to quality education for marginalized children in Uganda, including girls, orphans, children affected by conflict, children living in extreme poverty and children with disabilities. The project has partnered with the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports to help 60,000 out-of-school children between the ages of six and fifteen enroll in primary school.

Project activities include:

  • School enrollment campaigns
  • Improving classroom, latrine and water point infrastructures in schools
  • Providing scholarships to children who are most vulnerable
  • Teacher training
  • Support for the formation of Children’s Councils and School Clubs to create and maintain child-friendly, safe and healthy school environments.