See the impact of your gifts

Statistics of how Canadians changing lives with Gifts of hope Statistics of how Canadians changing lives with Gifts of hope

Impact stories

3 baby chicks sit in a man’s open palms.

Hatching Hope

See how the gift of baby chicks is cracking bright futures wide open in El Salvador.

Hatching Hope

Three girls smile with their Plan International backpacks

Equipping schools = achieving dreams

Here’s a gift that’s making educational opportunities bloom in the Philippines .

Achieving dreams

A young boy with a disability speaks in front of his classmates

Embracing all abilities

Find out how the gift of help children with disabilities is doing just that.

Embracing all abilities


A clear solution in Tanzania

See what refreshing gifts has the power to rain new beginnings

A clear solution in Tanzania

goats travel by boat to communities in need

Goats on boats and lifesaving seeds

Join in on these journeys to reach those most in need.

Goats on boats and lifesaving seeds

Children sitting at kitchen table

Bringing food for thought to Vietnam

Learn how the gift of food for thought is filling desks and fueling progress.

Food for thought in Vietnam

Women making peanut butter

Spreading joy with peanut butter

(VIDEO) See the life-changing power of peanut butter in Zimbabwe

The peanut butter project

Women cultivating quinoa

Cultivating goodness with the quinoa project

Positive changes are sprouting in Bolivia, thanks to this super-food

The quinoa project

Philister (at right), looks on as her granddaughter, Mary, receives goats milk from her mother.

A golden goat brews up change in Kenya

How one goat improved lives across generations

Brewing up change in Kenya

Girls raise their hands for their rights in Colombia

A spotlight on girl power

Empowered girls, ready to take on the world

Spotlight on girl power

A girl drinks water from a tap.

A well of opportunity for girls like Eva

Find out how clean water is springing fresh starts in Paraguay

Clean water in Paraguay