Help equip a school

Help equip a school

Price: $500.00

Imagine snapping your fingers and instantly helping thousands of children in a developing country go to school. This gift will give you the power to do that by helping to equip and rehabilitate pre-schools, primary schools and other educational facilities.

The schools will have water pumps, separate latrines for girls, and canteens filled with tables, chairs, pots and pans, and nutritious dried goods for making healthy, filling meals. They’ll be built with ramps and wider doors, making them accessible for children with disabilities. They’ll have playgrounds, trees, well-trained teachers, desks, chairs and blackboards: all the essentials for creating the best possible learning environment.

Snap your fingers. Give this gift. Make this happen. And equip children with everything they need to build a stronger, brighter future.

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This gift is giving teachers, students and communities in the Philippines everything they need to build better futures.

That includes support for learning events, helping children and students understand their rights (including sexual and reproductive rights), organizing school governments, distributing learning and education materials, and training teachers and management committees to inspire and motivate their students.

Students like 10-year-old Roni, who is president of his school’s student government.

“During the election, I made a promise to my co-students, especially those who can hardly read, that I will help them read and understand,” he says. “With this project, I am asking the teachers to help me organize and start a tutorial program."

Children gather and smile in the Philippines.