Baby buffalo

Baby buffalo

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Who doesn’t love this face? What’s really to love is the kind of change the gift of a baby buffalo brings to families in developing countries. When it grows up, its milk ensures a consistent supply of protein and nourishment, giving children the energy to study, play and grow. It also provides the means for a business, with a strong and reliable income, self-sufficiency and the ability to make choices about the present and the future. This gift is helping families break free from the confines of poverty. Who doesn’t love that?

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A baby buffalo is a gift with life-changing ability. Given to women living very difficult lives in the Southern Punjab region of Pakistan, these buffalo are helping mothers provide for their families, claim their basic rights and pull themselves out of poverty.

Along with the animal comes training in caring for it and for ramping up milk production to generate a healthy income. These women sell the buffalo milk to help meet their family’s needs, and also breed and sell or trade the offspring, providing a sustainable source of income for years to come.