Price: $75.00

It just might be the most unique gift you’ll give this year. Goats may make us chuckle with their antics, but the impact they have on a family’s health and income is profound. They provide milk, which means essential protein for growing children, and the sale of offspring means an income to pay for housing, health, food and schooling. We’re m-a-a-a-d about this gift!

This gift has benefitted almost 16,000 people in Benin, Indonesia, Kenya and Sierra Leone – people like Melanie, from Benin, who received a goat along with training in pen construction, livestock management and breeding. Soon gift recipients were sharing their mother goats for breeding purposes, so even more people can now build better lives.

“Imagine,” says Melanie, "I started with four goats and they have given birth to five. My herd will grow and I can sell some to meet my children's needs. I do not know how to thank Plan for this project, which will lead us to be happy and financially secure."

In Benin, Melanie poses with the goats she received through Gifts of Hope.