2 pigs

2 pigs

Price: $90.00

Pigs are gifts of bounty. With their short gestation period, a virile hog and fertile sow combine to make for lots of piglets lots of the time. Besides their ability to breed, pigs help curb food waste and provide a constant supply of nutrient-rich manure for contributing to lush, healthy crops. Buy these two pigs and watch your gift grow!

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These two women are among the hundreds benefitting from this gift of bounty. Along with the gift of two pigs, these women also received training in livestock management and care, pen construction and coaching on turning the pigs into an income.

With over 1,200 pigs provided to families in Malawi alone, this gift is tackling food insecurity across the country, and helping moms and dads feed their children and build better lives.

Two women from Malawi smile while holding the piglets they received through Gifts of Hope