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A woman holds her baby, standing under a tree. A woman holds her baby, standing under a tree.

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Follow the journey of Nga, Laos

Two boys and three girls sit alongside one another on a schoolyard bench, smiling

Winter 2017

New year, new outlook for Nga

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Six children sit on steps and embrace, smiling.

Fall 2016

Children take part in change

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A Plan staff member sits with local children in Nga, Laos.

Summer 2016

Q & A with the staff

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Featured Stories

Boulalai and her friend walk arm in arm down a path in Nga, while Boulalai looks back and smiles

Boulalai’s family puts school first

See how this family’s off to a great start!

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A teacher sits on the ground with young students during the class’ circle time.

Learning alongside one another

Teachers and students get new starts

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A snapshot of family life in Nga

A day with the Bounsoms

A snapshot of family life in Nga

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About Plan International

A woman wearing a Plan hat.

About Plan International

Plan International is a global movement for change, mobilizing millions of people around the world to support social justice for children in developing countries.


Where Your Money Goes

80.5% of donations go to support programs benefiting children and families

Where Your Money Goes

Learn how your contributions have helped change the lives of children and families in developing countries.