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Keeping education a priority with Global Action Week

Plan invests more in education than any other program area
Global Action Week 2011 focuses on girls and women’s education.

May 2, 2011Education is the focus this week as millions of people around the world take part in Global Action Week. The purpose of the annual campaign – organized by the Global Campaign for Education, of which Plan Canada is an active member – is to raise awareness about the importance of education and to call on governments around the world to fulfill their commitment to the UN Millennium Development Goal of achieving education for all by 2015.

“Every year, millions of children are denied their right to an education. Global Action Week is an important way to remind the world that everyone has that right,” says Plan Canada Education Advisor, Yona Nestel. “Education gives children the opportunity to help lift themselves, their families, and communities out of poverty. Plan invests more in education than any other program area because it has such long-lasting and far-reaching benefits.”

The theme of this year’s Global Action Week focuses on girls and women’s education, an issue of great importance to Plan.

“This year’s Global Action Week theme reaffirms what Plan has been advocating for in our Because I am a Girl initiative,” continues Nestel. “Investing in girls – and their education in particular – is key to eliminating global poverty and promoting a more gender equitable world”

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