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What are Gifts of Hope?

Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope is an ethical gift-giving program that gives twice: here and abroad. Here’s how it works:

How do Gifts of Hope work? 1. Choose a gift. 2. Your recipient gets a gift card. 3. Your Gift of Hope goes to children and families who need it.

When you give a Gift of Hope, you’re giving a unique, unforgettable gift that can’t be found on store shelves.

Gifts of Hope put girls in school, food on plates and an income in the hands of moms and dads who dream every day of being able to build a future for their families. They combine hope and action, and help turn the cycle of poverty into a cycle of progress.

Gifting Hope

How about a stack of books for a mom who loves to read, or water and sanitation for communities for your best client, or a goat for your teacher?

Your donation goes to buy the very items you are purchasing. For example, the $75 for a goat goes directly to a goat program in a country like Uganda that purchases goats and provides training in raising and breeding the goats. The goats are born in Uganda and transported directly to the communities.

See your Gifts of Hope impact

When you buy a gift in your name or on behalf of someone else, you get a tax receipt for any donation above $25 (excluding merchandise). The amount will be included on your annual tax receipt mailed in February.

How to order

It’s easy to purchase Gifts of Hope – you can order online or call us at 1 800 387-1418.

Every Gift of Hope comes with a free greeting card!

When you order online, you have three options:

  1. Send an ecard to the gift recipient
  2. Download and print a pdf card to give
  3. Mail a greeting card – either directly to your recipient, or to yourself to give in person.

When you order by phone, greeting cards will be mailed directly to you.

Give a goat!

When filmmaker Christopher Richardson began buying goats as a thank you for his clients it seemed like a more meaningful gift than the standard branded trinket. But it raised the question for him: are ethical gifts really as life-changing as they claim to be?

So he set off to Zambia to discover what "ethical giving" is all about and whether the goats he purchased were indeed given to Zambian families or if he was just plain naive.

Check out the video trailer below and then click here to learn how you can give a goat, or one of many other life-changing gifts and plan to change the world.

Help make an even greater impact today! Start shopping for a Gift of Hope.