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Clean water for families

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Clean water for families
Price: $75.00

When you don’t have access clean water, it’s hard to think about anything else. You can’t stop worrying that a small sip of water contaminated from poor sanitation, for example, could be deadly for your thirsty child, or could make you so sick you can’t work, putting your family at risk. Community-based water solutions, including training on proper sanitation, will bring clean water – and peace of mind – to families.

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Matched Gift

Nine-year-old Eva can now access clean, safe water year-round because of this gift.

Before Gifts of Hope brought clean water to her community in Paraguay, she and her family often faced dried up water sources during dry season, resulting in long treks in search of water, a task usually carried out by children like Eva. With this gift, Eva has also received training in water conservation, and sanitation.

“Thanks to Plan,” says Eva, “we have learned how to conserve water so we can improve our own health."

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