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Help Syrian children

Cumulative donations greater than $25 are eligible for a tax credit. Some exclusions apply. Your tax receipt will automatically be issued in February.

Help Syrian children
Price: $65.00

We all want lives filled with safety, health and happiness. But when brutal conflict erupted across Syria, that life was shaken for millions of children. Forced to flee their homes, families uprooted their lives, hoping for a future free from violence. Today, more than 2 million Syrian children are not in school. And for many families, even after escaping, another difficult journey lies ahead. But you can help start the healing.

This gift will provide Syrian refugees with essential shelter, supplies, mental health care and emotional support. It will protect and educate children, enabling them to learn and play again, while empowering families with opportunities to help them start a new life.

With this gift, you have the power to help Syrian refugees not only recover, but to reclaim the promise of a better life.

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